Being a wildland firefighter is both physically and mentally demanding. If given the opportunity to work for Gannett Glacier, new hires should show up in shape and be able to perform at a high level of intensity.


Gannett Glacier uses the National Type 1 Fitness Standards as a base minimum for crew member physical expectations. Keep in mind these standards are ONLY a minimum and Gannett Glacier is expected to exceed them constantly.


Potential applicants should implement a preseason training program at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the season. Crew members must be able to endure strenuous fitness levels from the beginning of the season to the end. Preseason training will also prevent or reduce injuries that occur due to fatigue.



National Minimum Crew Average
1 1/2 Mile Run 11:30 9:40
Sit-Ups 45 53
Push-Ups 30 66
Pull-Ups 7 13