Gannett Glacier Fire Crew

Welcome to the homepage for the Gannett Glacier Fire Crew. We hope that you find information on this page helpful in answering your questions about our program and wildland firefighting in general.


Gannett Glacier is a Type II Initial Attack Fire Crew located in Palmer, AK. The men and women of Gannett Glacier Fire Crew, including past, present, and future members, demonstrate integrity, self-motivation, and discipline. Our crew members maintain high levels of physical fitness; they are organized, willing to learn, honest, good humored, rugged, organized, flexible, intuitive, and ready to dominate.


Our crew has an excellent reputation for being a hard working and cohesive unit. As both a state and national resource, Gannett Glacier has worked in remote and challenging terrain, fought fire in the wildland-urban interface, and consistently receives excellent evaluations for their work on wildland fires across the country. We offer a high degree of training and education for our employees, and look to continue this tradition of excellence for years to come.


Every Spring, Gannett Glacier looks to fill vacant positions with people who have the characteristics previously listed.